There are multiple types of expeditions you can go on. They have different goals and have their own difficulties.

Expedition Type In-Game Description Explanation
The Golden Pyramid Find the Golden Pyramid. This is the original Curious Expedition expedition. You have to uncover the island and find the Golden Pyramid with the help of your compass.
Trials and Triangulations Take survey measurements. This expedition has multiple locations you have to run by. It is indicated where these locations are at the beginning of the expedition.
The Buried Pyramid Enter the Buried Pyramid. First find a way to raise the pyramid out of the ground and then go to the pyramid.
The Lost Explorer Locate the lost explorer. You first need to find an explorer in an old camp and then find the treasure of the lost explorer.
The Missing Missionary Find the missing missionary. You have to find a missionary that is somewhere on the island and win a dice challenge or fight against the natives.
The Rainbow Orchid Return the Rainbow Orchid to the ship. You have to get to an orchid waterfall and take the orchid. When you have the orchid you need to bring it back to the ship while the orchid guardians wake up and chase you.
A Map in Stone Decipher the map to find a treasure. Find and run by multiple Stone Circles in order to get a map to a hidden treasure.
The Monster of Legend Prove the legend. Kill and bring back proof of the monster. You have to find and fight a big enemy.

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