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When playing the campaign, you have to choose an explorer and go on expeditions for the Explorer Clubs and the Exposition Universelle. The campaign is organized in 4 years and each year has several random expeditions as well as one Story Act expedition. The Story Act expeditions have some more scripted stories in which you interact with and follow Victoria Malin, the director of the Exposition Universelle. It is through these expeditions that you learn more about the Curious Islands, the Palikao as well as the Island's different inhabitants. These expeditions play on 2 or 3 islands instead of just 1 like in the normal expeditions.

Prologue[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

In the prologue, you learn about the big ancient machine and the dangerous purple fog.

Act I : The Ruined Gate[编辑源代码]

The first story act plays in 1886. You follow Victoria Malin to search for a great stone gate in order to learn more about these ancient machines which Malin is hoping to use for something good.

Act II: The Missing Director[编辑源代码]

The second story act plays in 1887. Here Malin went missing and you have to find her again. You learn about the tension between the Salamanders and Moles.

Act III: The Cost of Ambition[编辑源代码]

The third story act plays in 1888. You help Malin to get the Great Crystal in order to travel to the Being Engine.

Act IV: The Engine of Creation[编辑源代码]

The fourth story act plays in 1889. Here you have to find the Being Engine and Malin and decide what happens with the machine.

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