Ailments are negative in-game character attributes that may include an illness, sickness, disorder or affliction. Ailments also affect a character's ability to act during events or encounters.

Mental Ailments[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Mental ailments only affect humanoid companions. They affect both the loyalty and performance of the afflicted party member.

Symbol Ailment In-Game Description Effect

File:InlineIcon acrophobia.png

Acrophobia Scared of heights. Loses loyalty when climbing onto hill or plateau terrain.
File:InlineIcon alcoholic.png Alcoholic Has a bad drinking habit. Will lose loyalty if not continuously supplied with alcohol. Loses Loyalty every ~35 days if not given alcohol. Restored with alcohol.
File:InlineIcon angry.png Angry Is in a volatile state of mind. Character may demand compensation (trading window) or even leave the group if provoked further.
File:InlineIcon mercurial.png Mercurial Tends to swing between extreme feelings of loyalty or disloyalty. Randomly switches between severe loyalty or disloyalty. May set fires.
File:InlineIcon cannibal.png Cannibal Eats human flesh. Will eat another trek member when resting or during an insanity event.
File:InlineIcon claustrophobia.png Claustrophobic Fears being in closed or small spaces. May lose Sanity or even die while exploring caves, especially tight crevices inside certain caves.
File:InlineIcon skull.png Cursed Has been cursed. Will die after the end of the current expedition.
File:InlineIcon hothead.png Hothead Has a hard time saying no to a fight. Will start intense arguments with trek members or islanders which can result in loyalty loss or standing loss. And you have 25% less chance to flee.
File:InlineIcon kleptomania.png Kleptomania Cannot resist the constant urge to steal objects. Will randomly make items disappear from inventory. May steal from a village when resting overnight, losing Standing.
File:InlineIcon butterfly.png Lepidopterophobia Scared of butterflies and moths. Loses Loyalty if you collect a butterfly.
File:HomeSick.png Homesick Will hesitate to follow you home after this expedition. Will stay on the island if loyalty is very low and stay with you if loyalty is higher.
File:InlineIcon paranoid.png Paranoid Suffers from a general distrust of others. May cause events that lead to Sanity loss, a trek member becoming angry, or Standing loss during rest in a village.
File:InlineIcon pyromaniac.png Pyromaniac Has an eerie fascination for fire. Randomly starts fires.
File:InlineIcon racist.png Racist Feels that people from 'uncivilized' cultures are inferior to their own. May start argue with natives if you sleep in a village, losing Standing. May fight with other companions.
File:InlineIcon sexist.png Sexist Is prejudiced against people of the opposite sex. Loses Loyalty if a native asks you which sex is superior, and you answer "wrong". May fight with other companions.
File:InlineIcon superstitious.png Superstitious Suffers from irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious. Loses loyalty if you use Stone Circles, steal from Stone Statues, or attempt to loot shrines or tombs.
File:InlineIcon sorrowful.png Sorrowful Deeply saddened by recent events. Adds +3 to travel costs. May lose loyalty if you don't talk to them tactfully.

Physical Ailments[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Most physical ailments can affect both explorers and humanoid companions. The only ailments that animals can develop are injuries, infected wounds, and rabies.

Symbol Ailment In-Game Description Effect
File:InlineIcon skull.png Common Cold A nasty cold. Not much more than a nuisance. +10% Sanity-cost for travel, -10% Health Regeneration, cured after 10 days.
File:InlineIcon festeringBite.png Festering Bite An open wound from a recent encounter with a diseased animal. Has 25% chance to get a rabies infection after 15 days.
File:InlineIcon hearingLoss.png Hearing Loss Suffers from a temporary hearing loss which affects combat. -1 combat roll.
File:InlineIcon infected.png Infected Wound An infected wound is a serious threat. If not treated properly very soon, it will lead to certain death. Continuously drains health, causing death after a number of days without treatment.
File:InlineIcon infected.png Injured Is suffering from a wound. Even though this will heal by time, an injury can become infected and turn into a serious problem. If left untreated, will turn into an Infected Wound.
File:InlineIcon irradiated.png Irradiated Weakened by exposure to a strange force from space. Exhibits an unhealthy glow. -15 health and -50% Health Regeneration.
File:InlineIcon tropicalFever.png Tropical Fever A highly infectious fever. Will spread to other party members if not treated. -15 health, -75% Health Regeneration, every ~20 days chance to spread to another trek member.
File:InlineIcon jungleRot.png Jungle Rot Suffers from a gangrenous wound.
File:InlineIcon minorPoisoning.png Minor poisoning Symptoms include nausea and vomiting. +15% Sanity-cost for travel, -20% Health Regeneration, cured after 10 days.
File:InlineIcon malaria.png Malaria Symptoms include fever, fatigue, vomitting, and headaches. +25% Sanity-cost of travel, -50% Health Regeneration, Chance of death.
File:InlineIcon sprainedAnkle.png Sprained Ankle A foot injury that really hurts. -1 Carrying Capacity for 25 to 35 days.
File:InlineIcon pneumonia.png Pneumonia Inflammation of the lung. -25 health for 30 to 60 days.
File:InlineIcon rabbies.png Rabies Symptoms include violent movement, fear of water, confusion, and aggression. Incurable by normal means. Has a chance to attack trek members and a chance to die.
File:InlineIcon scurvy.png Scurvy Symptoms include weakness, sore limbs, and bloody gums. Has a chance to lose health every day.
File:InlineIcon sprainedAnkle.png Sprained Ankle A foot injury that really hurts. -1 Carrying Capacity.
File:InlineIcon strangeBiteMark.png Strange Biting Mark Has a strange biting mark that seems to be infected. Will turn the companion into an Abomination after a few days.
File:InlineIcon visionLoss.png Viewing Loss Suffers from impaired vision and perception. -40% View Distance.

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