Club Competitions

Join The Taishi Academy in this club competition.

Club Competitions are weekly challenges that you can participate in while playing the campaign or director mode. There are many different challenges. Some will be about bringing back a certain type of item, while others will be about discovering as much land as possible. When participating in a club competition, you have to choose which club to join. You'll play with others for a certain club. Everyone who participates will win a new hat, tickets and earn some fame, but the winning club will earn more fame.

What are Club Competitions?[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Club competitions are little extra challenges that you can choose to join.
  • There is a new one every week. (Starting every Tuesday at 11am CET. On special occasions (e.g. the release of a new update for the game) the starting time might be different, but this only happens a few times a year.)
  • You can choose to join one of the competing clubs.
  • You earn points for the competitions and add these points to the club points. The club with the most points will win.
  • There are rewards for participating and rewards for winning the competition.
  • The main goal of the club competitions is to highlight certain aspects of the game.
  • There is a discord channel that posts updates of the competitions: Maschinen-Mensch Discord

How to participate in a Club Competition?[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

In order to participate, you need to visit one of the competing clubs and select Join Competition. This option will only be unlocked after completing Act I and reaching the year 1887 in the game for the first time.

You can then work on your competition goal on every expedition you go to.

Reward[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • When the competition is over you can go back to the clubhouse and claim your reward.
  • Everyone who contributes a score to the competition will get a new hat, even if their club doesn't win.
  • Everyone also wins some tickets and some fame.
  • If your club wins you will get more fame. This fame is counted towards the current mode's Club levels, but not the current playthrough's total fame, or tickets.

List of Club Competitions[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Title Description
Find Baby Dinosaurs The goal is to find baby dinosaurs. Go on expeditions and look out for dinosaur eggs, carry the eggs around and wait until they hatch. Any newborn baby dinosaur will get your club a point once you finish the expedition. While the prehistoric islands which are unlocked in 1889 most certainly have some dinosaur eggs to find, there is also a chance to find them elsewhere in the game.
Hyena Hunt Defeat the most Hyenas to win!
Wormsign Defeat the most Sandworms to win!
The Hunt Animal overpopulation was threatening the ecology of the Curious Islands. To maintain balance, the explorer clubs were asking explorers to put down as many animals as possible. Defeat the most animals to win!
We Sell Sea Shells The news was that the explorer clubs were eagerly seeking explorers to gather the most valuable seashells.
Crystal Caverns The news was that the explorer clubs were eagerly seeking explorers to gather the most valuable crystals.
Artefacts for the Expo The news was that the explorer clubs were eagerly seeking explorers to gather the most valuable treasures.
80 Days The explorer clubs had challenged the explorers of Paris to complete expeditions in 80 days or less. No dilly-dallying!
Venomous Research Return the most Scorpion Stingers to win.
Big Game Trophies Return the most Elephant and Ankylosaur Trophies to win.
Alchemy! The explorer clubs were gathering transmuted gold. Any I managed to return with would add to the glory of the club!
Psychedelic Research The explorer clubs were gathering mushrooms. Any I managed to return with would add to the glory of the club!
Find Buried Treasure It seemed that greed had taken hold of the explorer clubs. They were asking explorers to dig up as much buried treasure as possible!
Rob Shrine Altars The explorer clubs were asking explorers to gather treasure from shrine altar rooms. Each shrine plundered would add to the glory of the club!
Indigenous Studies The explorer clubs were asking explorers to learn the tribe types of the indigenous people of the islands in order to gain a better understanding of their culture.
Certain Death The explorers of Paris were given a challenge to test even the hardiest: complete expeditions as a true Lunatic (difficulty mode).
Map the Islands Find all locations to map a region. Map many Regions to win!
In Good Standing The explorer clubs were spreading the word - the natives were to be treated well on future expeditions! Finish many expeditions with at least 4 standing to win!
A Helping Hand In order to complete the explorer clubs' challenge, you need to complete quests handed down by village rulers.
Spectral Friends The explorer clubs asked us to confirm stories about ghosts on these islands. Could they really be true?

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