There are many different items that will help you to survive and succeed in expeditions. These items will affect your sanity, health or any other stat. They are all helpful in a special way. You can acquire them at the ship shop or on islands.

Generals[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon firstAid.png First Aid Kit
Obj item torch.png Torch
Obj icon climbingGear.png Climbing Gear
Obj icon dynamite.png Dynamite
Obj icon shovel.png Shovel
Obj item seaShells.png Sea Shells
Obj icon marbles.png Marbles
Obj icon nativeTrinket.png Native Trinket
Obj icon costonFlare.png Naval Flare
Obj item weatherBalloon.png Weather Balloon
Obj icon treasureMap.png Treasure Map
Obj icon waterBottle.png Water
Obj icon phonograph.png Phonograph
File:Obj item beacon.png Beacon
File:Obj item transporterModule active.png Transporter Module
Obj item electricTorch.png Electric Torch
File:Obj icon theodolite.png Theodolite
File:Obj item fireCrackers.png Fire Crackers
File:Obj icon waterOfTheLake.png Water of the lake
File:Obj item falseGrail.png False Grail
File:Obj icon miningSaw.png Mining Saw
File:Obj icon pneumaticPickaxe.png Pneumatic Pickaxe
File:Obj item dinosaurEgg.png Dinosaur Egg
File:Obj item egg mysterious.png Mysterious Egg
File:Obj icon corruptedEgg.png Corrupted Egg
File:Obj item tortoiseBaby.png Baby Tortoise
File:Obj item babyParasauralophus.png Baby Parasaurolophus
File:Obj item babyRaptor.png Baby Raptor
File:Obj icon babyStygimoloch.png Baby Stygimoloch
Obj icon carrierPigeon.png Carrier Pigeon
Obj icon goldsmithKit.png Goldsmith Kit
File:Obj item tanningKit.png Tanning Kit
File:Obj icon religiousIcon.png Religious Icon
File:Obj icon therapyPaddles.png Therapy Paddles
File:Obj icon trufflePig.png Joobee the truffle hog
File:Obj item animalScent.png Animal Scent
File:Obj item campingTent.png Camping Tent
File:Obj item conchShell.png Conch Shell
File:Obj item crystalSplinter.png Crystal Splinter
File:Obj item crystalShard.png Crystal Shard
File:Obj item crystalGeode.png Crystal Geode
File:Obj item obsidianShard.png Obsidian Shard
File:Obj item meteoriteRock.png Meteorite Rock
File:Obj icon magneticBlueRock.png Magnetic Rock
File:Obj item pitchPot.png Pitch Pot
File:Obj item tinkerBox.png Tinker Box
File:Obj item totemstick.png Totem Stick
File:Obj item tideWand.png Tide Wand
File:Obj icon moonstone.png Moonstone
File:Obj icon warHorn.png War Horn
File:Obj icon paleMaskScraps.png Pale Mask Scrap
File:Obj item tradeNegotiationIcon.png Haggle

Sanity Items[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon chocolate.png Chocolate
Obj icon whisky.png Whisky
Obj icon mango.png Mango
Obj icon tinCans.png Tin Cans
Obj icon coca.png Coca Leaves
Obj item redBerries.png Red Berries
Obj item fish raw.png Fish
Obj item cocaWine.png Coca Wine
Obj item cheapAlcohol.png Moonshine
Obj icon tea.png Tea
Obj icon tBoneRaw.png Meat
Obj item rawPheasant.png Quail
Obj item moonCakes.png Moon Cake
Obj item toad.png Hallucinogenic Toad
Obj icon hornFlute.png Horn Flute
Obj icon cheese.png Hard Cheese
File:Obj icon snail.png Snail
File:Obj icon starFruit.png Star Fruit
File:Obj icon glowingStarFruit.png Glowing Star Fruit
File:Obj icon algae.png Algae
File:Obj icon berries.png Blue Berries
File:Obj icon cactusFlower.png Cactus Flower
File:Obj icon colorfulBeetle.png Colorful Beetle
File:Obj icon granolaBar.png Granola Bar
File:Obj icon Jelly.png Purple Jelly
File:Obj icon leeches.png Leeches
File:Obj icon lemonade.png Lemonade
File:Obj icon lemons.png Lemons
File:Obj icon moss.png Moss
File:Obj item redMaggots.png Red Maggots
File:Obj item glowWorms.png Glowing Maggots

Combat Items[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj item escapeHook.png Escape Hook
Obj icon smokeBomb.png Smoke Satchel
Obj icon bandage.png Bandage
Obj item betelNuts.png Betel Nuts
File:Obj icon carniverousPlant.png Carnivorus Plant
File:Obj icon needlePlantNeedles.png Needle Plant Needles
Obj icon adrenalineSyringe.png Adrenaline Syringe
Obj icon bait.png Bait
Obj icon bearTrap.png Bear Trap
Obj icon bolas.png Bolas
Obj icon overchargedBattery.png Overcharged Battery
Obj icon electricMegaphone.png Electric Megaphone
Obj icon electroBarrier.png Electro Barrier
Obj icon chakram.png Chakram
File:Obj item amuletBag.png Amulet Bag
File:Obj item xueDiZi.png Xue Die Zi
File:Obj icon stimulantCapsules.png Stimulant Capsules
File:Obj item boobyTrap.png Booby Trap
File:Obj item curseTotem.png Curse Totem
File:Obj item flash.png Flash
File:Obj item protectionCharm.png Protection Charm
File:Obj item seaUrchin.png Sea Urchin
File:Obj item tomahawk.png Tomahawk

Tonics[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj icon tonicBottleFull finesse.png Cunning Tonic
File:Obj icon tonicBottleFull vigor.png Vigour Tonic
File:Obj icon tonicBottleFull eloquence.png Understanding Tonic

Elixirs[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj item elixirBottle red.png Health Elixir
Obj item elixirBottle green.png Anti-infection Elixir
Obj item elixirBottle magenta.png Sanity Elixir

Mushrooms[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj icon mushroomHealing.png Wound-Closing Mushroom
File:Obj icon mushroomStatusHeal.png Introspection Mushroom
File:Obj icon mushroomViewDist.png Keen-Eye Mushroom
File:Obj icon mushroomLoyalty.png Euphoric Mushroom
File:Obj icon mushroomCapacity.png Strengthening Mushroom
File:Obj item dreamMushroom.png Dream Mushroom

Scrolls[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj item scroll fogBurn.png Fog Burn Scroll
Obj item scroll lowerGround.png Earth-Sink Scroll
Obj item scroll raiseGround.png Earth-Raise Scroll
Obj item scroll randomTeleport.png Random Teleportation Scroll
Obj item scroll worldRenewal.png Renewal Scroll

Potions[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj icon slogPotion health.png Health Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion sanity.png Sanity Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion shield.png Shield Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion strength.png Strength Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion stun.png Stun Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion vulnerability.png Vulnerability Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion weakness.png Weakness Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion singleColor blue extra.png Supercharged Unterstanding Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion singleColor green extra.png Supercharged Cunning Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion singleColor red extra.png Supercharged Vigor Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion doubleColor blueGreen.png Unterstanding Cunning Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion doubleColor blueRed.png Vigorous Understanding Potion
File:Obj icon slogPotion doubleColor greenRed.png Vigorous Cunning Potion

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