Hand Equipment

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These are items that can be equipped to the hand of a trek member. They are mostly weapons be can have all sorts of other effects.

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Item Value Stack
Obj icon pistol 01.png Pistol
Obj icon rifle 01(1).png Rifle
Obj icon shotgun 01.png Shotgun
Obj item elephantGun.png Elephant Gun
Obj item ornamentalRevolver.png Ornamental Revolver
Obj icon stunProd.png Stun Prod
Obj item repeatingCrossbow.png Repeating Crossbow
Obj icon spear 01.png Spear
Obj icon shieldHide.png Shield
Obj item keyStaff.png Key Staff
Obj item crabClaw.png Giant Crab Pincer
Obj item raptorClaw.png Raptor Claw
Obj item butterflySword.png Butterfly Swords
Obj item huntingKnife.png Hunting Knife
File:Obj icon magmaThrower.png Magma Thrower
Obj item coralBludgeon.png Coral Bludgeon
File:Obj item ankylosaurShield.png Ankylosaurus Shield
File:Obj item obsidianSpear.png Obsidian Spear
File:Obj icon staffShaman.png Shamanic Staff
File:Obj icon obsidianSkull.png Obsidian Skull
Obj icon clubThorns.png Spiked Club
Obj icon meatCleaver.png Meat Cleaver
File:Obj icon whip.png Whip
File:Obj icon tulwar.png Talwar
Obj icon edisonGun.png Edison Gun
Obj icon rope.png Rope
Obj icon hikingStick.png Hiking Stick
Obj icon machete 01.png Machete
Obj icon lantern.png Storm Lantern
Obj icon censer.png Censer
File:Obj icon parrot blue.png Parrot
File:Obj icon vulture black.png Vulture
File:Obj item pirateCutlass.png Cutlass
File:Obj item blackPowderPistol.png Black Powder Pistol
File:Obj item gunSight.png Long Distance Shot
File:Obj icon fishLanternB.png Deep Sea Fish Lantern
File:Obj icon corruptedLeaderHead.png Corrupted Leader Head
File:Obj icon corruptedShamanStuff.png Corrupted Shamanic Staff
File:Obj icon corruptedRifle.png Corrupted Rifle
File:Obj icon corruptedShield.png Corrupted Shield
File:Obj icon corruptedSpear.png Corrupted Spear
File:Obj icon corruptedSpikedClub.png Corrupted Spiked Club
File:Obj icon corruptedSword.png Corrupted Sword

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