Fame Items

Fame Items differentiate themselves from other items because they have a fame value. This fame is added to your overall fame when coming back to Paris.

Treasures[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon jewels.png Jewels 5
Obj item pearls.png Pearls 15
Obj icon goldenLlama.png Golden Llama
Obj item silverVase.png Silver Vase
Obj item sceptre.png Sceptre
File:Obj icon stoneIdol.png Tribal Artefact
File:Obj item emeraldFalcon.png Emerald Falcon
File:Obj icon mummy.png Mummy
File:Obj icon royalMummy.png Royal Mummy
File:Obj icon salamanderSkull gold.png Gilded Salamander Skull
File:Obj icon moleSkull gold.png Gilded Mole Skull
File:Obj icon hyenaSkullGold.png Gilded Hyenna Skull
File:Obj icon silverStatuettes.png Silver Statuettes
File:Obj icon goldStatuettes.png Golden Statuettes
File:Obj icon treasure mask.png Golden Mask
File:Obj item transmutedGold.png Transmuted Gold
File:Obj icon emeraldBronch.png Emerald Brooch
File:Obj icon emeraldRing.png Emerald Ring
File:Obj icon goldAmuletEmerald.png Emerald Amulet
File:Obj icon goldCoral.png Golden Coral
File:Obj icon goldEarrings.png Golden Earrings
File:Obj icon goldEmeraldHand.png Golden Hand
File:Obj icon goldGoblet.png Golden Goblet
File:Obj icon goldHeart.png Golden Heart
File:Obj icon goldNecklace.png Golden Necklace
File:Obj icon goldNuggets.png Gold Nuggets
File:Obj icon goldPlate.png Golden Plate
File:Obj icon goldSeahorse.png Golden Seahorse
File:Obj icon jadeStones.png Jade Stones
File:Obj icon palikaoDagger.png Palikao Dagger
File:Obj icon pearlNecklace.png Pearl Necklace

Trophies[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
Obj icon elephantTusk.png Elephant Tusk
Obj icon animalTooth.png Animal Tooth
File:Obj item tRexTooth.png T-Rex Tooth
Obj item beastShamanHeadwearSkull.png Beast Shaman Headdress
Obj icon hyenaPelt.png Hyena Pelt
Obj icon blackHyenaPelt.png Black Hyena Pelt
Obj icon direWolfPelt.png Dire Wolf Pelt
File:Obj icon direWolf black.png Black Dire Wolf Pelt
Obj icon cattleHide.png Cattle Hide
Obj icon horsePelt.png Horse Pelt
File:Obj icon nakedMoleRatSkin.png Naked Mole Rat Skin
File:Obj icon tigerPelt.png Tiger Pelt
File:Obj item antelopePelt.png Antelope Pelt
File:Obj item oryxHide.png Oryx Hide
File:Obj item pantherPelt.png Panther Pelt
File:Obj item raptorHide.png Raptor Hide
File:Obj item sandWormSkin.png Sand Worm Skin
File:Obj item whiteStagPelt.png White Stag Pelt
File:Obj item yakulHide.png Yakul Hide
Obj icon crocodileSkin.png Crocodile Skin
File:Obj item lavaCrocodileHide.png Lava Crocodile Skin
File:Obj item giantSnakeSkin.png Giant Snake Skin
Obj icon babySpiderLeg.png Baby Spider Leg
File:Obj icon motherSpiderLeg.png Mother Spider Leg
File:Obj item giantBatWing.png Giant Bat Wing
File:Obj item giantBirdFeather.png Giant Bird Feather
File:Obj item giantCentipedeLeg.png Giant Centipede Leg
File:Obj item scorpionSting.png Scorpion Sting
File:Obj icon parasaurCrest.png Parasauropholus Crest
File:Obj item parasauralophusSkull.png Parasauropholus Skull
File:Obj item ankylosaurusSpike.png Ankylosaurus Spike
File:Obj item pteranodonSkull.png Pteranodon Skull
File:Obj item stygimolochSkull.png Stygimoloch Skull

Butterflies[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj item butterflyCollection.png Butterfly Collection

Medicinal Herbs[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj icon shennongHerbs.png Medicinal Herbs

Kino Films[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj item filmBox.png Film Box
File:Obj item filmReel.png Film Reel

Leaders' Kits[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Item Value Stack
File:Obj item fieldJournal.png Field Journal
File:Obj item cartographersKit.png Cartographer's Kit
File:Obj item plundererKit.png Plunderer's Kit

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