Tribe Types

Every island you explore is inhabited by a local tribe. Every tribe has one or more villages, multiple huts, and other locations that are important to them. You will most likely also encounter some wandering islanders.

Each island type is home to only one type of tribe. For example, the Archipelago will always be inhabited by Salamanders.

Icon Tribe Description
100px100px Human Tribes They can be encountered on Jungle, Drylands, and the Prehistoric biome.
100px Salamander Tribe The Salamander people live in the Archipelago biome. They like to barter with sea shells.
100px Mole Tribe The Mole people live in the Cavern biome.
100px Pale Mask Tribe The Pale Masks are a foreign tribe that come to the islands through a portal. They take over the local tribe and corrupt their villages. They can be encountered on any biome as well as on their homeland, the corrupted biome. This tribe is part of the first free DLC The New Director.
100px Pictish Tribe The Picts are fearless warriors and good climbers from the Highlands. This tribe is part of the Highlands of Avalon DLC.

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