The islands are populated with dangerous animals and other monsters. Depending on how you play you might want to avoid them or on the contrary attack and loot them. Some of your choices can turn previously peaceful ecnounters into enemies.

Encounter[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Enemies are depicted by a red icon. They also have a red Aggro Zone in which they will detect you and attack you if you enter it. As long as you see the zone they don't know you are there. But if the zone lines disappear and the icon is glowing red it means that the enemy is following you and on the way to attack you.

It is often useful to start attacking the enemies when they spotted you because you will probably not be able to flee and would get attacked by the enemy which means that he has the first combat round.

Killing the enemies usually decreases Standing.

Enemy types[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Image Enemy Health Island Type Loot Attacks Number of attacks
AnimalsForWiki 0019 3840x2160-38.png Hyena 30 1
AnimalsForWiki 0018 3840x2160-39.png Snarfrattle 80
AnimalsForWiki 0023 3840x2160-34.png Giant Snake 90 2
AnimalsForWiki 0024 3840x2160-33.png Giant Crab 300
  • Double Pincer: 20 Damage Damage on 2 targets
  • Armoured Shell: 15 shield Shield
AnimalsForWiki 0028 3840x2160-29.png Giant Bat 40 1
AnimalsForWiki 0027 3840x2160-30.png Giant Bat Elite 80
AnimalsForWiki 0013 3840x2160-88.png Panther 50 1
AnimalsForWiki 0000 3840x2160-115.png Tiger 100 2
AnimalsForWiki 0033 3840x2160-15.png Crocodile 100 2
AnimalsForWiki 0010 3840x2160-94.png Raptor 70 1
AnimalsForWiki 0026 3840x2160-31.png Giant Bird 180 2
AnimalsForWiki 0011 3840x2160-91.png Pteranodon 80 1
AnimalsForWiki 0035 Calque-0.png Ankylosaurus 450
AnimalsForWiki 0025 3840x2160-32.png Giant Centipede 120 2

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